School Setting

Creating energetic learning environments in changing schools.

Student desks and chairs are just the tip of the iceberg. Every school setting is its own learning environment with its own needs. Can the functionality needs of a classroom and a computer lab both be met while maintaining a common design scheme? If you select furniture from Smith System, the answer is yes. Here’s a breakdown of the school settings which lead you to more details about each.

  • Lounge This learning environment is being introduced to more and more secondary schools because it supports group learning, independent study and social learning.
  • Learning Studio This is a new learning environment that brings together elements of technology engagement and social learning, often in a library.
  • Early Childhood The youngest learners have their own special needs, which we’ve recognized and successfully designed into our furniture.
  • Computer Lab We first recognized the impact technology would make on schools when it was first introduced. Today, our innovations for technology engagement continue.
  • Classroom By rights, the category should be named classrooms, because there is no single classroom type today. Whatever the learning dynamics of your classroom, we have furniture to make the environment better.
  • Art and Science How can the same furniture enable a right brain subject and a left brain subject? In this case, the need for strength, stability and durability applies to both.
  • Library We’re continuing to create furniture, like the Chat™ Chair for this dynamic, evolving learning environment.