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Welcome to the Collaborative Classroom.


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Today's learners require new dynamics


Clusters (or pods) accommodate today’s learners who prefer interactive and social activities. Pods allow students to work in small groups of two to six, to interact directly, see facial expressions and establish eye contact.

Unimpeded Access

In a collaborative learning classroom, the teacher is not fixed at the front of the room. Today’s learners like instant access to information and a mobile teacher can move easily from group to group to field questions and facilitate discussions.

Learning zones

Throughout the day some students may need to work in collaborative groups while others work independently. Defining learning zones for each modality helps empower students to move freely to the area that’s appropriate for the type of work they’re doing.


A big advantage of collaborative learning is that it permits movement. Today’s learners prefer self-directed tasks and it’s been shown that moving from one area to another as they acquire new information helps them both learn and retain more.

Old School

Most school buildings today were designed for conventional classroom configurations. That’s a big challenge to implementing active teaching strategies.

New School

But now educators can “test the waters” and modify existing spaces to provide adaptable, multi-use configurations and new pedagogies.

Smith Seating

Explore the science of student seating with us.

Our seating lines provide a range of aesthetic choices, with a dizzying array of colors available. Choose the welcoming curves of our Intuit Classroom Chair, the familiar silhouette of our Flavors Seating or the harmonious lines of our Plato Seating. Consider the generous proportions of our UXL™ Seating or the relaxing look of our Chat™ Chair.

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Classroom Storage

Classroom Storage

The need for mobile storage cabinets in today’s educational environment is clear. From teacher wardrobe cabinets to unique specialty school cabinets with plastic storage bins, you’ll find the perfect classroom storage unit for your school.

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Work Surfaces

Work Surfaces

The new, collaborative classroom requires a variety of versatile and sturdy work surfaces—from thoughtfully shaped desks that add functionality to high performance classroom and meeting tables equipped with power accessories for uninterrupted learning.

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Adapt and configure to varying group sizes.

Students work alone, in pairs or in small groups throughout the day. So desks need to be capable of forming compact pods or other groups.
Research shows groups of four to five students work best. But groups of five or six are sometimes required due to growing class sizes.

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Classroom Guide

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