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Long ago, we gave up trying to devise a single desk that would be perfect for every classroom. Instead, we started asking ourselves, “What kinds of desks does a collaborative classroom need? What kinds of desks does a knowledge transfer schoolroom need? From there, we asked the same questions about seating and so forth. Then we asked, “How can we make it easier for educators to use technology in their classrooms?” and created options in this area. To help you find a starting place, we’ve categorized school furniture here:

Desks – Desking makes up the basic building block of the classroom. We offer styles to support all forms of learning dynamics.

Seating – We’ve put so much thought and engineering into our seating, we’ve developed “The Graduated Movement Concept” to help you decide which line is right for you.

Tables – How can anyone improve on something as basic as a table? We’ve done it, by making tables in more shapes and sizes for added versatility and functionality.

Teacher Desks, seating and more all created to help teachers do present, demonstrate, evaluate and report.

Accessories Lecterns, presentation carts, carts, storage and more – everything a teacher needs to keep the classroom organized and efficient.

Carts – These workhorses come in a wide variety of styles, making it easy to find one that’s perfect for a given set of needs.

Shelving – Both fixed shelves and mobile shelves for use in the library and beyond. We offer several choices of each.