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Choose the features on your booktruck, they way you would on a truck truck.

Booktruck or library cart is a slightly deceptive name for a cart that may find itself hauling educational materials of all kinds. Today, these versatile vehicles make transporting materials of all kinds easier for everyone in the school. Although the term “workhorse” is well earned, too, it is a bit deceptive also, since booktrucks’ colors make them great to look at, and they don’t have a stubborn bone in their bodies.

Finding the booktruck that best fits your needs.

For most library cart applications that call for moving mostly books, you can choose from a number of configurations:

•Six sloping shelves

•Four sloping shelves

•Four sloping shelves and a flat top (or bottom) shelf

•Three Sloping or Flat Shelves

•Two Sloping or Flat Shelves

The flat shelves allow the booktrucks to more easily haul oversized items. If you have a wide variety of items to transport, your options in the Smith System line include the Everything™ Cart. It has two shelves each with six bins. Or consider the versatile Anything™ Cart has a top shelf with six bins and two flat shelves – making it equally capable of transporting large and small items. For transporting very large items, consider the Big Book Truck, designed for moving oversized items like atlases.

Our answer to the 4X4 truck, the 6X6 booktruck.

Our Gorilla™ Truck offers heavy-construction and rolls on six oversize casters – the middle pair offset to make clearing thresholds easier. It is the monster truck of library carts. It comes as no surprise that all this usefulness has proven to be impossible to confine to the library. Every room in the school can benefit from a booktruck.

Available in 19 colors, Smith System booktrucks can add a dash of visual excitement to its environment, and silently say that utility can be a celebration. Flat shelf, sloping shelf, a combination of bins and shelves – you name the item to be moved and we’ll have several models that can do that job and more. We offer such a broad spectrum of colors, you can color code your booktrucks, or choose them in school colors.