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The Indispensable Classroom Cart.

It saves time. It saves effort. It can even help organize lessons and materials. That the Classroom Cart has earned a place in every classroom isn’t the question. Rather, it’s which classroom cart provides the greatest utility for your needs?  Maybe you’re asking yourself, “There’s a difference between school carts?” After all, from a distance they look pretty much the same. But look a little more closely and you can see that a Classroom Cart can be specially equipped to provide optimum utility.

There’s more to Classroom Carts than shelves, handles and casters.

Today, there are many variations on the original design of library book trucks which allows  school carts to fulfill many duties. Smith System’s extensive line offers many combinations of flat shelves, sloping shelves, and bins, plus optional accessories like risers and top shelves. The line is so extensive, it allows you to name the item to be moved and you’ll have several models to choose from that can do that job and more.

  • If it’s equipped with bins on the top shelf, it can transport anything from maracas, tambourines and claves to markers, tempera paint and clay. It can make organizing visual aids and other classroom tools easy. It can provide, portable temporary storage in classrooms.
  • Flat shelved Classroom Carts can carry oversized items, or can hold smaller totes or other containers with small items.
  • Sloping shelved Classroom Carts are great for transporting books.
  • Smith System offers many combinations of bins, flat and sloping shelves in its array of Classroom Carts and book trucks.

Smith System Classroom Carts let teachers concentrate on teaching while contributing to the educational environment.

Although the term “workhorse” is well earned, it doesn’t do Classroom Cart justice. That’s because their contribution to the educational environment extends beyond being the educator’s helping hand. Now available in 13 colors, book trucks can add a dash of visual excitement to its environment, and silently say that utility can be a celebration. And because they don’t have a stubborn bone in their bodies. Look through Smith System’s extensive selection to find the Classroom Cart that best fits your needs.