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Classroom Storage

How to keep materials from just sitting there.

Every day, elementary educators use more and more three-dimensional teaching aids and “manipulatives” in the classroom. Curricula based on project packets rather than text and workbooks are also gaining greater and greater acceptance. Both of these trends pose an unmet challenge to educators: How are you going to keep everything organized? We confidently recommend the Cascade™ Storage System.

Comprehensive organization, storage and distribution system.

Here’s how it works. Teachers organize class materials into Totes – our name for translucent bins – often by subject or lesson. Or, a Tote can be assigned to an individual student. The Totes are organized in Storage Units – they come in nine sizes. We recommend one Storage Unit per classroom for quick access to items to be used in that day’s or week’s lessons. Additionally, a bank of Storage Units in a central location provide organized, long-term storage (and the opportunity to share resources) after the lesson or unit is completed.

Cascade Storage is flexible and highly customizable, so much so, that we’ve created an ingenious tool called the Cascade Configurator for building a learning materials management system specifically for your school’s needs.