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Classroom Designs

Enhancing classroom learning environments by design.

Classroom furniture design is allowing today’s educators to create more engaging, effective and inspiring learning environments. The importance of classroom design principles can’t be overestimated. From a psychological standpoint, classroom furniture can make the student feel welcome and embraced at her or his first glance. From a functional standpoint, the shape of the desktop can make it possible or impossible for multiple groups of six to work in within a classroom. And from a student performance standpoint, classroom design can mean students can concentrate while seated, or be distracted by resisting restrictive furniture. Here are some classroom design principles that make a subtle, yet profound difference in school furniture.

Accessibility Smith System ADA Desks offer more than ADA compliance, their cantilever leg design, removes the legs on the side of the desk closest to the student for easier ingress/egress.

Adaptability For something that lasts as long as school furniture, adaptability in is crucial, assuring the furniture offers the full range of functionality now and into the future.

Adjustability Furniture has to be made to fit the student, not vice-versa. Our desks offer adjustability; our ADA desk offers maximum adjustability.

Clustering Smith System pioneered clustering student furniture through new designs in desktops. Today each of our product lines offers multiple choices in cluster furniture.

Durability Longevity is designed into Smith System furniture, through the materials we use and the craftsmanship in its construction.

Mobility Mobile furniture is being embraced by educators. Smith System offers mobile desks, mobile school chairs, mobile storage, and mobile library shelving.

Ergonomics Smith System furniture is designed with an understanding of the needs of students, which is reflected in the ergonomic performance of our seating and desks.

Extensibility Extensibility adds a dimension of functionality to furniture. The customization possibilities of our UXL™ line of furniture may be the ultimate expression of extensibility.

Color While the impact of color is often overlooked, color is an inseparable part of our everyday lives.

The 21st Century Classroom Design It’s reassuring and not very surprising to know that the driving force behind the 21st Century Classroom isn’t a passing fad, a change of fashion or boredom with the status quo.

Smith System makes school furniture for a variety of different learning environment. From library commons to the classroom, Smith System has all the 21st Century school furniture for any modern classroom design.   Our school furniture is found in a variety of spaces, from learning commons to STEM learning environments. We pride our selves on manufacturing innovative school furniture products. We also provide a variety of classroom design resources, which are listed below: