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Accessing Stimulus Funds & Returning to School Safely

Fitting the furniture to the student and the lesson.

Common sense drives the need for adjustable school furniture. If the desk or chair doesn’t fit the student, a number of things can happen – all bad. Namely, the student could be forced to sit awkwardly, causing poor posture and limiting her or his concentration. A desk that is too high can make activities like writing difficult, one too low, more posture problems. ADA compliance is another issue. And then there’s the comfort of the students.

Every line of Smith System desks and tables offers adjustability.

The size difference between the smallest kindergartener and the biggest sixth grader can be up to a couple feet and a hundred lbs. Even within a grade, the size differences can be dramatic. To accommodate both extremes and the great middle, Smith System desks stand out as adjustable school furniture by offering adjustments in the range of 8-10 in., depending on the line, but all in 1-in. increments. While the height adjustment is made differently from one line to the next, it may require moving only two screws to change the height (others require four).

Our ADA desk offers the easiest adjustability of all. Its work surface can be raised or lowered nine inches simply by turning a crank located on the underside of the desktop. The student may require help to operate the crank because it is located toward the modesty panel and might be out of her or his reach.

Smith System adjustable classroom furniture includes chairs and stools.

Each of our seating lines (except Husky™ and Chat™ Chair) offer adjustable chairs and stools. The adjustable chairs and stools in every line offer 10 in. of height hydraulic adjustment through an easy-to-use lever.

Our adjustable chairs and stools also offer easy adjustability when it comes to location – just specify the optional casters.