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Ergonomics in the Classroom

Classroom furniture can make learning easier or harder for students. Choose easier.

Ergonomic classroom furniture makes learning easier by removing physical hindrances, large and small, to allow the student to concentrate on the day’s lesson. The factors that affect the ergonomics of classroom furniture range from simple things like choosing seating and desks that are the proper size and height for the student, to subtle design elements that are barely visible to the untrained eye. Smith System furniture is designed with an understanding of the needs of students, which is reflected in the ergonomic performance of our seating and desks.

We’ve taken ergonomics in classroom furniture to a new level in our portfolio of seating products.

Smith System chairs help make learning environments more effective through their design. First, Smith System seating fits the size of today’s students. Our seating comes in a wide range of heights – typically four or five per line, not including our adjustable height chairs and stools. They also offer a range of sizes, with chair shells available in up to three sizes per line. Proper fitting chairs help students concentrate.

Smith System takes classroom ergonomics to a new level through the Graduated Movement Concept, an idea we pioneered and brought to reality in our Flavors™, Plato™ and Intuit™ lines. The idea is, the chair can allow or contain movement, it can either direct the student’s attention straight ahead, or allow the student to comfortably face front, back and both sides. Finally, the seatback can allow the student to turn to either side, or to face the front – Smith System seating allows you to tailor the ergonomics of the classroom furniture to support the curriculum.

Ergonomics affect desk choices, too.

Like the chair, the desk must be the right size for the student. Our desks are adjustable in 1-in. increments, assuring an appropriate fit. Smith System desks offer the very important ergonomic characteristic of stability. Each is designed to provide a strong, stable work surface for the student.

One key element that makes Smith System desks ergonomic classroom furniture is the configuration of the leg sets. While all Smith System desks offer stability, our Flexline™ student desks also ease student ingress and egress by moving the legs away from the corners of the desktop.  If the curriculum calls for students leaving their seats, this ergonomic factor should be considered.