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These days, everything in a school has to be capable of double duty.

Extensible school furniture is gaining popularity because it adds a dimension of versatility needed in today’s fluid and dynamic classroom environments. Whether it’s the clips that join individual chairs together to make a single fixed row for a presentation, or the engineering that converts individual tables into benching arrangements, we love extensibility because it adds utility far beyond its cost and because it’s so doggone ingenious.

Our extensible seating products create lounges and auditoriums anywhere.

When it comes to extensible school furniture, nothing outdoes our UXL™ line of seating. It offers two forms of extensibility. First, the chairs have a system of clasps engineered into their leg sets – this locates them right next to each other. We also offer optional extensibility clips for UXL chairs that space them several inches apart. These clips can be labeled to identify seat numbers.

Like our UXL line, our Chat™ Chair offers mobility and extensibility. Thanks to integrated casters, the chair moves easily, wheelbarrow style, but sits securely in place. Once situated, the chair can act individually, be incorporated into a lounge, or be joined to adjacent Chat Chairs in a row to form a waiting area. To make Chat Chairs even more extensible furniture, you can team them with triangular tables – also extensible – to create curved lounge arrangements.

Extensible classroom furniture means work stations, not just tables.

Seating isn’t the only furniture group that offers extensibility. Our Peninsula Break-Away Table exemplifies extensibility. What Smith System designers did was take one of our round tables, make it mobile and cut a notch out of its work surface so it could be extensible with a Teacher’s Desk. Because it’s mobile, the Peninsula Break-Away Table can roll away for small group instruction with the teacher occupying the notch and the students grouped around the round part.

For more examples of extensible classroom furniture, consider the tables our UXL line. They can be joined at right angles to form everything from office suites to complex benching stations and bays. They can also be joined parallel and visually separated with desk fences for quiet study.