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Education today is on the move.

The most compelling movement in education today is, well, movement. No wonder mobile school furniture is a must in today’s classrooms, labs, libraries, lounges and even corridors. Smith System anticipated this development and now offers mobile desks, mobile school chairs, mobile storage, and mobile library shelving. And booktrucks. With Smith System, you can put almost the whole school on wheels.

Mobile school furniture meets classroom needs.

Collaborative learning classrooms change floor plans throughout the day to support the lesson being taught. Moving a desk and chair can be a challenge for an elementary-aged student, a challenge best addressed with mobile school seating and a mobile desk. Smith System offers a wide array of options for adding mobility to classroom furniture of all kinds. And even the options come with options: Choose either four casters (with two locking) to roll a desk or table flat, or choose two casters for wheelbarrow mobility. Either choice reduces student effort and makes classroom transitions quieter.

Beyond collaborative learning environments, mobile school furniture enhances social learning as well. Benching environments in particular benefit from mobile chairs. What’s more, mobility is integral to our Chat™ Chair, accomplished by its two casters that facilitate movement. Every Smith System seating line has at least one mobile option, many have two or more.

Mobile furniture includes mobile storage.

One of the biggest advancements in mobile furniture is in mobile storage, more specifically Cascade™ Storage. More than cabinets on wheels, Cascade Storage is a fully integrated management system, allowing educators to store, organize and distribute materials of all kinds, sizes and shapes. Educators have found Cascade Storage to be so valuable and versatile, they are coming up with ideas for using it that we never would have imagined.

Our two first mobile storage units were the ubiquitous booktruck (now available in multiple models) and the Nomad™, our mobile library display, and storage unit.