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KSU Movement Stool

Our Story

Back in 1905, Smith System® was a different company than we are today. We built heaters for one-room schools. And then water fountains – and lavatory systems. It was a simple mission – to keep kids warm, hydrated and clean, so they could focus on learning. But we soon discovered that, beyond those basic needs, there were other ways we could help. The more we worked for schools, the more we saw an ever-evolving environment that needed a furniture maker to nurture the change. So, we stepped in.

What’s cool is that our original purpose never stopped guiding us. We still come to work every day to serve the “one-room schools.” Because in reality, every student learns a little differently, every teacher teaches a little differently and every classroom needs a unique solution.

We believe (with a heck of a lot of passion) that every student and teacher deserves the best possible space to inspire learning. And that’s what led us to what we are today: A company designed to deliver on the needs of education better than anyone else in the industry.

What teachers do day in, day out, flat-out humbles us. And we believe the right tools have a seriously positive impact on them. For us, those tools are seats, desks, commons areas, storage units, and anything else that inspires better learning. Flexibility, versatility, comfort, style. It all matters. Because at the end of the day, it supports one cause. To enable the genius inside every student.

And because of that, we don’t make K-12 furniture as part of what we do.
It’s the only thing we do.

Design with kids in mind.

Kids have growing bodies and expanding minds, and they deserve the educational spaces to match.
Our furniture is for them, and them only. No office hand-me-downs here.