Intuit Adjustable Chair

Designed like a bucket seat, providing great support for the back and shoulders. Subtle flex in the Intuit Chair’s back provides some movement for the student. Swivel base allows the student to face 360˚. Seat height adjustable from 16-21″ or 14-18″. Available in “A” and “B” shell sizes, both in 17 colors. ‘A’ Shell has a durable 25″ diameter five-star base while the ‘B’ Shell has a 22″ diameter five-star base and frame in Black. Choose casters or glides. “B”Shell recommended for elementary use.

The Intuit line of classroom chairs is a great go-to option for both students and instructors. The adjustable chair is comfortable and is able to accommodate students of all sizes while providing “intuitive” support for their back, legs and arms. It’s design is both stylish and ergonomic, which makes it inviting for students to come sit and learn. The adjustable chair also features a contoured shape that helps direct attention forward without confinement. The Intuit adjustable chair is the perfect addition to any computer lab but it can also be utilized in a variety of classroom settings.


Model Description D x W x H
A+ Shell Adjustable
00530 Intuit Adjustable Chair (Glides) 25" x 25" x 16"-21"
00531 Intuit Adjustable Chair (Casters) 25" x 25" x 16"-21"
B Shell Adjustable
00532 Intuit Adjustable Chair (Glides) 22" x 22" x 14"-18"
00533 Intuit Adjustable Chair (Casters) 22" x 22" x 14"-18"

Shell Color Options

Black Charcoal Chocolate Burgundy Red Clementine Mocha Yellow Apple Forest Green Mint Navy Persian Blue Cerulean Blueberry Purple Fuschia

Frame Options


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