Intuit Adjustable Stool

Designed like a bucket seat, providing great support for the back and shoulders. Subtle flex in the Intuit Chair’s back provides some movement for the student. Swivel base allows student to face 360˚. Seat height adjustable from 22-32″. Available in 17 colors. Durable 19″ diameter five-star base and frame in Black. Choose casters or glides.

Intuit student chairs were designed by Smith System to be a key contributor to a healthy and effective learning environment. The adjustable stool is a great option for any school lounge because it allows students to move freely while maintaining support as they change body positions. The adjustable stool features a unique design that is comfortable and inviting, which encourages students to come sit and learn. This school chair was designed to accommodate students of all sizes and is a versatile seating option for students and educators.


Model Description D x W x H
00540 Intuit Adjustable Stool (Glides) 28" x 28" x 22"-32"
00541 Intuit Adjustable Stool (Casters) 28" x 28" x 22"-32"

Shell Color Options

Black Charcoal Chocolate Burgundy Red Clementine Mocha Yellow Apple Forest Green Mint Navy Persian Blue Cerulean Blueberry Purple Fuschia

Frame Options


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