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Cascade® Air

Similar to the Cascade® Storage System, the Cascade® Air blends into learning environments with no visual fuss. The high-performance air purifier circulates HEPA filtered air to drastically reduce the respreading of airborne contaminants. For housing, we used our compact Cascade® mid-cabinet storage unit. Inside is a SAM® MicroSound GS air purifier by Clean Rooms International™, experts in commercial air-handling equipment for education, healthcare, and other sensitive spaces. Cascade® Air uses a two-step air filtration process. Room air flows through an HVAC pre-filter in front and a certified HEPA filter in the back with zero bypass. Together, they collect particles .3 microns and smaller including respiratory droplets, with 99.99% efficiency. The Cascade® cabinet design offers extra bonuses. Lockable casters make it easy to reposition units throughout schools or where needed most. Front door panels allow quick access to change the front prefilter monthly.
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