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Flow™ Vertical Modular Whiteboard Panels

The importance of collaboration has never been greater, but people need the right tools to capture their ideas. a3 CeramicSteel Flow is a full-height writing system that brings limitless writing freedom to any workspace.

With no vertical joint covers, this modular system is easy to install and configure, making it simple to integrate into any environment. Frameless edges offer a modern aesthetic that looks like a canvas ready to be filled. From smaller spaces featuring two to three panels to large training areas with five or more panels, the ability to mount side by side
means there’s no limit to wall coverage.

The smooth glass-like surface serves as both a highly functional platform for boundless communication and a design feature to aesthetically enhance any environment. With a clear marker-to-whiteboard color contrast, a3 CeramicSteel offers readability not found with other surfaces. It’s also magnetic, easy to clean and fully scratch resistant. In fact, it’s so durable it has an expected life cycle exceeding 50 years.

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