Gorilla Booktruck, 4 Sloping, Bottom Flat Shelf

This versatile, high-capacity booktruck transports large and small items. Offers four sloping shelves and a flat base shelf with 600-lb capacity. It rolls on six 5″ soft-tread dual-wheel casters – the fixed middle pair makes it easy to get over thresholds by acting as a pivot point. Gorilla Truck™ #21102 includes four (4) sloping shelves with a bottom flat shelf. Available in 19 powder coat finish options.


Model Description D x W x H
21102 Gorilla Truck, Four Sloping, Bottom Flat Shelf 18" x 36" x 44"

Powder Coat Finish Options

Apple Black Blueberry Burgundy Cerulean Champagne Chocolate Clementine Forest Green Fuchsia Mint Mocha Navy Persian Blue Platinum Purple Red Sand Yellow

Smith System