UXL Single-Student Open Front Desk

The UXL Open Front Desk is contemporary, customizable in appearance and, thanks to its large work surface and Bookbox, highly functional for one student. Because it’s part of an integrated line of seating and desking, it lets you maintain a consistent design scheme throughout the building or facility. Choose from 13 standard laminate tops and 20 standard edge colors. Platinum frame only.


Model Description D x W x H
OF2027_ _ _ _ PLTFL UXL Open Front Desk, Single-Student 20 x 27 x 29.5

Laminate Options

Asian Night Boardwalk Oak Pewter Mesh Classic Linen High Rise Buka Bark Palisades Oak Flax Linen Mission Maple New Age Oak Fusion Maple Grey Nebula Wild Cherry

Edge Color Options

Black Charcoal Platinum Burgundy Chocolate Champagne Red Orange Clementine Mocha Yellow Apple Forest Green Mint Navy Persian Blue Cerulean Blueberry Purple Fuchsia

Frame Options


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