UXL Science Table

The sturdy UXL Science Table allows you to match design scheme created by UXL Tables throughout the building in the science lab. It features the added durability of a Trespa™ TopLab™ Plus work surface. Choose the work surface in Grey or Black.

A science classroom demands compliance with strict codes and standards. Selecting the right table for your STEM classroom, school laboratory or science classroom is importance because tests and experiments require non-contaminated environments. Smith System Science tables with Trespa® TopLabPLUS® are resistant to a large number of aggressive chemicals as identified by SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association) and PSI (Professional Services Industries), if cleaned within 24 hours.


Model Description D x W x H
XT2448_ _ _ PLTFL UXL 48" Trespa TopLab Plus 24" x 48" x 29.5"
XT2454_ _ _ PLTFL UXL 54" Trespa TopLab Plus 24" x 54" x 29.5"
XT2460_ _ _ PLTFL UXL 60" Trespa TopLab Plus 24" x 60" x 29.5"
XT2472_ _ _ PLTFL UXL 72" Trespa TopLab Plus 24" x 72" x 29.5"

Frame Options


Trespa™ TopLab Work Surface

Black Trespa Gray Trespa

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