UXL Three-Student Desks

The UXL series is highly customizable, so you can precisely tailor the functionality and appearance of a desk to the needs of the student and classroom environment. This means you can maintain a consistent design scheme throughout your building or facility. Choose from 11 standard laminates, 21 edge colors and Platinum frame. Choose from 5 different leg styles, 7 height ranges available (see specifications).


Model Description D x W x H
XL2072_ _ _ _PLTFL UXL Three-Student Desk 20" x 72" x 29.5"
XL2090_ _ _ _PLTFL UXL Three-Student Desk 20" x 90" x 29.5"
XL2472_ _ _ _PLTFL UXL Three-Student Desk 24" x 72" x 29.5"
XL2490_ _ _ _PLTFL UXL Three-Student Desk 24" x 90" x 29.5"
XL3072_ _ _ _PLTFL UXL Three-Student Desk 30" x 72" x 29.5"
XL3090_ _ _ _PLTFL UXL Three-Student Desk 30" x 90" x 29.5"

Laminate Options

Amber Cherry Blond Echo Fusion Maple Golden Oak Grey Mesh Grey Nebula New Age Oak Pewter Mesh Tan Echo Wild Cherry Asian Night

Edge Color Options

Apple Black Blueberry Burgundy Cerulean Champagne Charcoal Chocolate Clementine Forest Green Fuchsia Mint Mocha Navy Persian Blue Platinum Purple Red White Yellow Orange

Frame Options


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