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School Furniture for the 3 R’s of Safe Learning




What resources are needed and how can schools practice social distancing and maintain safe classroom spaces?


We have the solutions.





To meet the need, we have done the research and hand-selected products to prepare for a safe and beneficial school year.

Plan and Prepare Safe and Beneficial Post-COVID Learning Environments

Among the uncertainly of COVID-19, one thing is for sure. The global pandemic has caused a permanent pivot in the K–12 educational landscape. At least for now. In-person and virtual learning requires seriously restructured learning environments and routines that help everyone be safe and feel safe.

That’s why we’ve used our design and innovation background to develop solutions. Keep reading to learn more about the 3 R’s of safe learning.

Solution #1 


Silhouette® Desks and Flavors® chairs spaced 6 feet apart

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Schools can rearrange classroom furniture to create six feet of physical distance. Doing so also gives students a visual reminder to respect the radius.

Creating physical distance can also happen by repurposing larger spaces like the gym and cafeteria to accommodate more students. Then add desks and chairs. Teachers might also move classrooms outdoors for part of the day.

Solution #2 


Desktop Barrier Screens

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Retrofitting classrooms is about creating division using screens, panels, sneeze guards, partitions or other barriers where physical distancing is a challenge. Schools can easily move these around or remove them as safety concerns change.

Smith System offers new options to create barriers. They include clear desktop barrier screens and standing barrier screens to place between students.

Solution #3 

Remote Learning.

Groove® Chair in Apple

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Giving students a personal desk-chair setup at home can improve focus and that benefits everyone – learners, teachers, school districts and parents.

Most school administrators know the role quality classroom furniture has on improving learning engagement. Now, during a global pandemic that has forced remote learning, it’s no surprise that replicating a similar desk-chair setup for students in their homes may bring similar results.

To meet the need, K–12 furniture leader Smith System is offering schools special desk and seating packages for their virtual-learning students.

Without question, guarding against the transmission of COVID-19 will be a massive and potentially costly challenge for educational leaders.

Smith System is here to help.

As education’s new normal continues to evolve, we’ll continue to stay thoughtful and deliberate in helping preK-12 schools move forward with safe learning.

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