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There are so many more ways to work and learn together than alone.

Elementary, middle and high schools are on the lookout for ways to encourage and enable group interaction in the Classroom, Computer Lab, Lounge, Early Childhood, and Learning Studio.  Architects, designers, and educators recognize the importance of furniture in group interaction and appreciate the flexibility and choices offered by the Smith System portfolio. Whatever the school setting, Smith System offers great choices of furniture for group interaction.

Group interaction furniture in school classrooms, labs and pre-K rooms.

321_desk wing_desk UXL_2desk huddle8_desk huddle6_desk diamond_desk wingswoop_deskStarting with collaborative learning furniture developed around the turn of the 21st Century, Smith System has refined and expanded offerings of desking and seating to include furniture that helps group interaction in almost every product line. As our experience with group interaction in schools has grown, our designs have become both more expressive and functional – arcs, trapezoids, diamonds, wings, pie segments and more. No one offers a wider variety of choices in group interaction furniture for classrooms and pre-K rooms.

The experience gained working with classroom furniture has enabled new thinking for computer labs, too. The design of these rooms no longer defaults to rows of monitors and keyboards stacked together. As computer learning has matured, lab layouts have changed. Like classrooms, labs now encourage group interaction, either by breaking the lab into zones dedicated to group or individual work, or by dedicating the entire lab to group interaction. Our contemporary computer lab furniture has been cross-pollinated by our expertise in computer furniture and group interaction furniture.

Group interaction furniture throughout the school.

Three areas of the school are growing as centers of group interaction – libraries, lounges and commons. Libraries are often where social learning takes place in learning studios. Smith System has all the furniture needed to create benching stations, particularly through the extensibility of our UXL™ line of furniture.

The second area of schools that is growing as an area of group interaction is the student lounge. Social learning takes place in zones of the student lounge, in a seating area furnished with Chat™ Chairs, or around a table.

Finally, many schools are being designed with large commons areas with seating and tables that encourage students to get together and review each other’s work and notes.