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Independent study on a campus of 1,000 or a campus of 1.

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Choosing optimal independent study furniture depends on the school setting. Is it for a designated independent study area within a classroom? Is it for an independent study room, where students make up tests or catch up on assignments? Is it used in a student lounge or library? Or is it in a school at all, or used for home schooling? Whatever the setting, you can find the independent study school furniture you’re looking for in Smith System’s broad portfolio.

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Furniture that facilitates independent study in schools.

An independent study area within a classroom can be as simple as designating a corner of the classroom as the independent study area and equipping it with as many or few desks as space allows. Carrels provide a great option and can help students focus in an active classroom. Either option can equip an independent study lab – if testing takes place there, carrels may be preferred.

For the library or lounge, Smith System offers carrels and an innovative desk fence to help students focus on their work.

School furniture makes the best home school furniture.

Designating an area within the home for study improves outcomes for home-schooled kids. Having home school furniture increases the focus even more. It also has the benefit of being scaled to the size of the student so she or he can sit upright with her or his feet on the floor. Likewise, the desk can be adjusted so that good posture can be maintained while working on lessons.

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Almost any of the desks from the Smith System portfolio perform well in home school environments. One recommendation is to consider an open front desk from our many options, to help contain and organize the student’s learning materials.