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An approach to learning based on insights into today’s learners.

Based on generational needs like seeking and exchanging information and receiving feedback from one another, social learning can take place anywhere students gather. So some educators choose to locate social chairs and social desks in a high traffic area, a corridor, for instance. Benching stations create effective social learning opportunities by uniting students with technology. Finally, study lounges also enable social learning.

What makes a social desk better for social learning?

It’s more the application than the design that makes a desk a social desk. In a benching station, the desk not only supports the students’ work, provides connectivity for their computers, and possibly support a dedicated computer workstation for video editing, it also helps define the work space, which gives students a subtle social cue for how loud or softly they should talk. For technology-integrated social learning, be sure consider social desks available with available cable and wire management and accessories like the Smith System I~0™ Post for connectivity.

For casual social learning situations, social desks may be replaced by tables, that function either as work tables, or lower tables that function like coffee tables would in a home environment.

How do social chairs encourage engagement and interaction?

Comfortable chairs, chairs that students can relax in, make the best social chairs. In a student lounge environment, the Smith System Chat™ Chair stands out. It was expressly designed to marry the proportions of lounge seating with the durability of classroom seating. It also offers mobility through its integrated casters, and extensibility.

In benching environments, mobile chairs are very popular because they allow students to face the desktop or their computer monitors while working individually, but to easily to turn around so two or more can face each other to exchange information or direction or provide feedback. Every seating line offered by Smith System offers at least one option for mobility.