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Accessing Stimulus Funds & Returning to School Safely

The students work with technology. Now, if only the technology would work.

American schools have done an excellent job promoting technology engagement. But it seems this big success has come with a nagging problem or two. Fortunately, these problems can be remedied through technology engagement furniture introduced by Smith System. We have smart ways that enable technology engagement and avoid technology engagement.

Growth in technology means school furniture must evolve.

Technology in the classroom blog postMore and more schools and students are coming to rely on tablet computers, sometimes to an even greater extent than laptops. The problem that faces educators is that students invariably arrive at school in the morning, bearing tablets with dead batteries. Fortunately, the solution to this problem already exists. The Smith System <I~0™ Post> was designed to distribute connectivity throughout large spaces. Since its creation, it has been widely embraced by schools. Another way to assure live batteries is to keep tablets or laptops thoroughly charged.

Products from our versatile Cascade™ Storage line make great presentation stations when outfitted with a riser shelf and lecterns, to hold AV projectors and laptops.

Where school, technology, furniture and student intersect.

Smith System has been at the forefront of technology furniture in schools since the very first computers arrived. Today we have dozens of desking products and accessories to assure positive learning interaction between students and technology. We offer so many choices, you could either choose the furniture to match the space or the great choices of furniture may inspire you to re-imagine the space.

Schools have successfully employed technology furniture from our Planner™, Flexline™, Interchange™ and Acrobat™ in classrooms and labs. Same for our UXL™ line, which is also catching on as a versatile benching option for video labs. Whatever the technology furniture the school needs, Smith System has multiple proven options for you.