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Compact Furniture with a Big Message: “Time to Learn”





We make it easy to create learning spaces for your at-home students.

Among the uncertainly of COVID-19, one thing is for sure. The global pandemic has caused a permanent pivot in the K–12 educational landscape. Gone are the days we take homework to our room to brush up on what we learned at school during the day. The school now resides in your space.

A more focused and engaged student is a better learner. Right now, students need every ounce of extra support to prevent COVID-19 slide. At the end of the day, it is most important to show your child that you value learning enough to give it a consistent place in your home.



To meet the need, we are offering desks and seating options for virtual-learning students.

Here’s why it makes sense for students and parents:


Having a desk and chair set

Kick Starts the School Day

Flavors® Chair in Persian Blue

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Kids and teens often work best in a separate area they associate with school time. That’s because our brains associate spaces (a classroom, a desk or table) and sensory feedback (the sound of a morning bell, the rush of students streaming in) with certain activities.

Creating a classroom space at home is a close second to having a reliable school-issued laptop and WiFi access. The very act of sitting down to a desk and tucking in a chair is the “moment” when school begins; it activates the learning mindset and establishes some normalcy.


Having a desk and chair set

Encourages Owning (and Organizing) the Learning Space

Oodle® in Apple

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This is good time for students to own their individual learning style. They must confront their distractions, from toys to texting.

Having a personalized desk and chair, whether in a bedroom corner or hallway closet, is a great way for students to stake out their learning territory.


Having a desk and chair set

Safeguards Ergonomics, Increases Comfort


Silhouette® Desk with Boardwalk Oak Top

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Students need a comfortable seat if they’re going to sit still and focus for extended periods.

To fit growing bodies, right-sized, adjustable desk-chair setups are best. Our desks will grow with the student through the years. The desk should be at or slightly below resting elbow height and the chair height should keep feet firmly planted on the floor.

Giving students a personal desk and chair won’t solve every pandemic-learning woe. But we believe it’s a start. We have the research, design and testing behind our products that have proven themselves (comfortable, flexible, adjustable and durable) in a learning setting.

Whether students are learning at school or home, we support one cause. To enable the genius inside every student.

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