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Numbers Desk Durability

Our new Numbers® Desk provides a value-driven, high-quality solution for inspirational classrooms around the world. It's our first product designed to meet international BIFMA, EN and GB requirements for size, safety conformance and durability.

Defining ANSI / BIFMA Compliant Furniture

BIFMA is the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association. The mission of this nonprofit organization is to create voluntary standards that promote safe working environments. Since its inception, BIFMA has become the industry leader in developing standards that ensure product performance and buyer confidence. Products with BIFMA recognition have clout because they tend to offer outstanding; Durability, Safety & Sustainability.

Where does the “ANSI” part come in? BIFMA operates under the auspices of ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. This organization designs standards that enhance the quality of American life and foster competition among American manufacturers. There are over 1,200 ANSI standards in place to protect consumers, employees, and business owners. The highest-quality office furniture products are tested by independent laboratories around the world -- all to ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.

ANSI / BIFMA X5.5-2021 Desk & Table Products

This standard was developed by BIFMA members, commercial testing labs and procurement/interior design organizations.  This standard defines specific tests, laboratory equipment, conditions of test, and recommended minimum levels to be used in the test and evaluation of the performance, durability, and structural adequacy of desk/table products used in offices, schools and other institutional environments.

  1. Horizontal Stability Test for Desk/Table with Casters. 25 lbs. weight place on edge, then 10 lbs. or greater of horizontal force is applied before the table tips.
  2. Stability Under Vertical Load Test. 125 lbs. is placed on a 12” disc 1” away from the least stable position; table must not tip.
  3. Distributed Proof Load Test. A calculated distributed load of 225lbs. is placed centered on line 8in from all edges for 15 minutes with no sudden or major change in structural integrity.
  4. Concentrated Proof Load Test. A load of 300 lbs. was placed on a 12in disk 1in from the least supported edge for 15 minutes. No sudden or major change in structural integrity.
  5. Leg Strength Test – Proof Load. Leg passed maximum 150 lbs. proof load. No loss of serviceability, no sudden or major change in structural integrity.
  6. Desk/Table Unit Drop Test. One end of the long axis of the table is lifted to 7.1” and then dropped to the floor. Repeated on opposite side with no loss of serviceability.

Fulcrum Explained

Diagram A shows a common table leg, with a triangular mounting plate, that is installed at the corner of a table. The red line represents a fulcrum, where the leg becomes a lever and pivots along that line, which can cause the corner of the top to fracture if enough force is applied to the end of the leg. The mounting plate on the Numbers Leg (diagram B) was designed to eliminate that fulcrum from forming. The plate is rounded at the end to help distribute the load if force is applied to the end of the leg. The distribution of the load is shown by the green sunburst.


Diagram A


Diagram B