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Accessing Stimulus Funds & Returning to School Safely

Creating Post-COVID
Learning Spaces

It will require thoughtful planning and deliberate reflection about
resources, technology and, most importantly, desired outcomes.

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Plan and Prepare Before Bringing Students Back

Educational institutions may choose to bring staff and students back in waves with staggered daily and weekly schedules for classes and activities – and a combination of in-person and remote learning.  This approach will be stressful for administrators, educators, students and parents.

Develop new staff protocols and communication plans
Educational institutions will need to develop and communicate new protocols to address new work and learning behaviors and manage illness.

Create and reinforce sanitization and disinfection protocols
Deep cleaning and ongoing sanitization practices should be planned and prepared for before reopening.

Determine personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines
People required to wear PPE need clear direction, training and demonstrations of how to properly use it and frequent reminders to comply.

Materials: Cleanability
Cleanability of the surfaces in an interior is more important than ever. Without sacrificing aesthetics, we can make some intentional material decisions that will help promote a
healthy, highly cleanable, and beautiful environment.

Socially Distanced Classrooms

How can schools practice social distancing and maintain safe classroom spaces?


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Want to learn more about navigating what’s next?

Download our “Post-Covid Learning Spaces Guide” to have access to:

  • Navigating what’s next for your Classroom in the Post-Covid environment
  • Learn about Today’s Learning Spaces Post-Covid
  • Classroom Design Considerations Moving Forward
  • Setting up Learning at Home for Schools
  • Classroom Floor Plans Post-Covid

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Thanks for your interest.
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