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School Seating & Chairs

Seating should support the curriculum as well as the student. Students sit in thousands of different positions in school chairs. Upright, slouched, twisted, tilted, straddling their seats. They balance on the front of their chair or precariously teeter on the back, tempting gravity—and common sense.

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The thoughtful design of school chairs plays a positive role in educational environments.

Selecting the right classroom chairs depends on your school setting and budget. Our school chairs span the spectrum of design, accommodating students throughout their physical and academic development:  From the 40-lb. kindergartner in an active classroom to the adult sized senior in a focused-study environment of high school.

Most of our seating lines offer stacking, sled base, adjustable chair, adjustable stool and mobile options. In all, Smith System offers four lines of seating for education, each with its own distinct functionality, style and price.



Flexible Seating: A movement that lets students decide where and how they'll sit to learn - not learn to sit.