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School Storage

Organize, store, distribute and present learning materials with ease.

The need for mobile school storage in today’s educational environment is clear. Introducing the Cascade Storage System by Smith System.

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The Idea Behind the Cascade Storage System.

Imagine a classroom where four or five groups of six students are working on projects. The teacher circulates about, providing information, direction, encouragement and reminders to stay on task to the groups. With so much going on at once, the need for classroom management clear.

To allow the teacher to direct learning for multiple groups all at the same time, learning materials must be organized and made available to students. This allows students to access resources and use them independently—and frees the teacher to direct and instruct as needed. That’s the idea behind Cascade.

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More than cabinets on wheels, Cascade Storage is a fully integrated management system, allowing educators to store, organize and distribute materials of all kinds, sizes and shapes. Educators have found Cascade Storage to be so valuable and versatile, they are coming up with ideas for using it that we never would have imagined. Cascade storage cases, cabinets, towers, wardrobes and cubbies give teachers a method to management it all – and keep resources accessible for students.

The collaborative classroom demands efficiency – and that’s what you’ll get with school storage from Smith System.

Tailored to every schoolroom and curriculum.

• Available in 9 sizes

• Casters or Glides

• Shelves, Tote Trays or Cubby

• 19 exciting colors

• Optional Locking Doors