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Accessing Stimulus Funds & Post-COVID Learning Environments

Adjustable chairs for improved ergonomics and performance.

In specific school settings, adjustable chairs offer great advantages over fixed-height seating when it comes to ergonomics, mobility, and functionality. All of the major seating lines offered by Smith System are available in an adjustable chair option, which allows you to choose the seating line that performs best for your school’s needs and maintain design harmony with matching adjustable chairs.

Which school settings are natural locations for adjustable chairs?

Adjustable student chairs present a great option for video editing areas in either learning studios or computer labs because the chairs not only raise and lower to give the student the appropriate view of the computer, the swivel seat provides the easiest possible ingress and egress in areas with limited floor space. Various classroom environments also could benefit from adjustable chairs. Teacher chairs are the most common application of adjustable chairs in the classroom. But the mobility offered by adjustable student chairs fitted with casters make perfect sense in collaborative learning classrooms that change their configuration throughout the day. When students often move about the classroom, adjustable student seating makes great sense, because it enables fast, easy ingress and egress.

Adjustable student chairs for improved performance.

An adjustable chair allows the student to sit at an optimum height, which can enhance his or her attention and participation in the class. Another advantage is that adjustable chairs have added functionalities that can contribute to a more productive learning environment. All Smith System® adjustable chairs also swivel 360˚, which allows the student to interact equally well with classmates located in the front, either side or behind him or her. And, as noted earlier, swiveling make ingress and egress easier. Different seating lines from Smith System® offer slight functionalities as student adjustable seating. The UXL® line offers a roomy seat pan and the option of armrests. The In2it® line offers great support, both for the back and laterally. Likewise, Plato® Seating has a generous seat pan and great back support. And Flavors® Seating has extra flex in its seatback, which helps fidgety students focus. The design of the adjustable student seating can play a positive role in the educational environment. Smith System® designers are sensitive to this and through subtle design, cues have given each line of seating its own personality.