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Beam Seating: A practical, versatile choice for schools.

In a school setting, beam seating can be an excellent choice for a number of environments including common areas, waiting for areas, and lecture halls. For these areas, UXL® Beam Seating from Smith System is a great choice because the line offers practicality by saving maintenance, providing durability, offering customization, and promising space efficiency and order. One additional virtue of UXL® Beam Seating is that the line is available in standard Smith System® colors to coordinate with the furniture throughout the school.

Saving space and maintaining order with beam seating.

UXL® Beam Seating saves space by eliminating chair legs, utilizing only one leg on each end of the beam. This sturdy, highly stable arrangement allows the seats to be located right next to each other without consuming any more space than is necessary. UXL® Beam Seating units range in capacity from two seats to five. This space-saving quality helps them maximize the seating efficiency in a lecture hall and makes them a natural choice for common areas and waiting areas, where they can be backed up against a wall (or another bank of seats) while leaving room for students and others to pass. Another factor that makes UXL® Beam seating a natural choice for high traffic areas comes from their very nature: Because they are all fixed to the beam, the individual chairs can’t be bumped out of place by passing school-aged students or others.

Beam seating for school-inspired durability and low maintenance.

UXL® Beam Seating offers legendary Smith System® durability, enabling it to stand up to the often punishing demands of a school environment year after year. The construction that gives UXL® Beam Seating that great durability also makes it easy to maintain. The polypropylene seats and seatbacks easily wipe clean. And because there are only two legs, it’s easy to sweep or mop around. UXL® Beam Seating can be customized with tabletops, arms and tablet arms.