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Accessing Stimulus Funds & Post-COVID Learning Environments

It all starts with stacking.

Actually, your search starts with asking. To find the stacking chair that best meets your school’s needs, ask: Where will the stacking chairs be used? In a single setting, say, a classroom, computer lab, library, early childhood, learning studio or maybe a combination? Next, ask what kind of learning takes place at your school is it collaborative learning, knowledge transfer, distance learning, technology engagement, group interaction, independent study, social learning, or a combination of those?

Why all the questions?

Schools are recognizing stacking chairs can have different functionalities. Really. Smith System® pioneered an idea for seating called the Graduated Movement Concept. It goes like this: our different chair designs allow different amounts of movement for students. Our In2it® Stacking Chair, comfortably orients the student toward the front, limiting movement to the sides and back. Flavors® Stacking Chairs, on the other hand provides the widest range of movement, allowing the student to face front, back and either side. In between is the Plato® Stacking Chair, providing almost 270˚ of access. In all, Smith System® makes seven lines of stackable seating for schools, each with its own distinct functionality, style and price.

A snapshot guide to stackable seating.

In2it®: This stacking chair provides great support for the back and shoulders, movement to the back and sides is limited. A Great choice for traditional classrooms and testing rooms. Plato®: The seatback of this stacking chair offers some flex front-to-back and offers pronounced lumbar support. A smart choice for environments that encourage student interaction. Flavors®: This four-position stackable seating allows the student to sit comfortably facing front, either side or rear. Highly recommended for collaborative learning environments. UXL®: This comfortably proportioned, customizable line of stacking chairs is great for high school and college students. Ingeniously shaped glides help these chairs to stack securely.