Learning abruptly stopped on May 3, 2010, at Kingston Springs Elementary School when flood waters engulfed the Tennessee school, destroying floors, furniture and nearly everything inside. Two months later, NBC’s new TV show, School Pride,” orchestrated an overhaul to repair the damage – and Smith System was engaged to provide a comprehensive 21st Century furniture system.

Volunteers unload Smith System Flavors Chairs

Kingston Springs Elementary School was selected for NBC’s “School Pride” program, which replaced everything lost in the building, including books and technology. A critical part of the school’s restoration was replacing the classroom furniture, and a Smith System furniture system was recommended by school products dealer DEMCO as a complete, long-term solution.

Working together, David Kinley, regional project manager at DEMCO, and Matt Coyne, a Smith System regional sales manager, outfitted Kingston Springs Elementary School with a broad array of furniture – from Flavors™ Seating for flexible and ergonomic seating, to Interchange™ Student Desks for seamless student collaboration, to Planner™ Teacher Desks for instructor organization.

“Despite the devastation of the flood, Kingston Springs Elementary School will come back stronger than ever due to the opportunity presented by ‘School Pride,’” says Molly Risdall Parnell, Smith System national sales manager. “Teachers and students will get the 21st Century solutions that they deserve, including flexible and collaborative furniture designed to better educational experiences in the long term.”

The furniture arrived in late July, and volunteers were on hand to put the school back together. With nearly 100 volunteers ready to help, the pieces were promptly unloaded, assembled and installed in only 72 hours. The unloading of the furniture was filmed as part of an episode of “School Pride.”

Smith System furniture in a Kingston Springs Elementary School classroom

“To see an entire community affected by these floods and the subsequent destruction of Kingston Springs was truly saddening,” says David Kinley. “Through NBC, the community support, the strong leadership within the school district and help from manufacturers, including Smith System, we were able to achieve the highest of accomplishments in putting Kingston Spring Elementary School back together.”

The episode of “School Pride” featuring Kingston Springs Elementary School aired on NBC Friday, Oct. 29. Visit www.nbc.com/school-pride for episode highlights.