The school that adopts a 21st century learning model will need 21st century furniture to succeed because furniture created for an older model of education probably doesn’t offer the functionality, ergonomics and style needed to enable the contemporary teaching methods employed in 21st century classrooms and libraries.

A new concept in environments

The Smith System is the name we’ve given to our concept for 21st century furniture for creating effective, healthy and harmonious learning environments that meet the needs of today’s students and educators. An integrated, comprehensive approach, The Smith System is based on the notion that furniture now plays an active role in the learning process.

In the classroom, furniture must accommodate the student during different kinds of learning situations ranging from individual learning and lectures, to small groups ranging from two to six students.

In the library, furniture must enable students to engage in a wide variety of activities, from solo research and reading to group presentations and work of all kinds with computers and interactive media.

In classrooms, libraries and labs – school environments of every kind – The Smith System allows educators to select furniture with ergonomics that best meet the educational needs of the space. Likewise, aesthetics and elements of design including shape, color and texture allow educators to introduce an appropriate amount of visual stimulation and interest to the room.

The Smith System is truly a system. It integrates the colors, finishes and designs of seating, desking, activity tables, teacher desks, storage, accessories and AV/presentation furniture found in the classroom as well as library furniture. This allows functionality, optimized for each classroom, lab or library as well as a unified, design scheme for the entire building or campus.