Meet Molly Risdall Parnell: VP Sales

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Direct, concise and, most of all, brief articles please Molly. While admirable, this preference causes a dilemma when the subject is Molly herself. There’s a lot to tell.

Luckily, though Molly’s story boils down to one thing: dedication – to customers and Smith System. “My greatest satisfaction comes from making the customer happy,” she says. “My goal is to never say ‘no,’ only ‘yes.’ We bend over backwards to make it happen.”

As the third generation of the Risdall family to work at Smith System, Molly is driven to set a strong example through her work ethic. She arrives at the office by 7 am, if not earlier, and never leaves before five. “I don’t have a typical sales job,” Molly says. “Besides, it’s really rewarding for me to see a job through from start to finish. Working with the architect, specifying the job, installing it and seeing it come together.”

According to those close to Molly, these work habits haven’t changed since childhood. “Growing up, Molly tried hard, studied hard and maintained a 4.0 grade-point average,” says her brother, Mike Risdall.Molly applied her focus to a double major of marketing and sociology at the University of St. Thomas where she graduated in 2001. She started working in sales at Nordstrom in Minneapolis where she developed sales and people skills and quickly rose to department manager. After returning to Dallas, Molly left retail sales in 2004 to join Smith System as Catalog Sales Manager.

In the six-plus years since, Molly has become Smith System’s ultimate team player by learning every position on the team, focusing on sales in the fall and winter months. During the summer months dealers are focused on installations, so Molly leads the customer service department back at the factory.

Molly complements her primary duties in sales and customer service by sharing her thoughts with Bill Risdall in marketing, and makes valuable contributions to Smith Files, via story ideas, content, and proofreading – both it, and other printed materials. “I love working with my dad and Uncle Bill,” she says. “We have a very collaborative environment here. We collaborate with customers, and are doing our best job ever of listening to them and understanding their needs.”

Molly’s efforts have impressed Bob Redding, Smith System’s Vice President of Sales. “Molly is very knowledgeable on all facets of the business,” he says.

Intense collaboration will be necessary for Smith System to reach its aggressive goals for growth.  “We’re constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve with new products. That allows sales to promote the new products and keep the growth going.”

But what allows Molly to keep going?

She finds relaxation through her regular manicure/pedicure appointments and vacationing. A new mom, Molly with her husband Greg became the proud parents of son Eli in January 2011. Molly’s nuclear family is rounded out by Miles, a bulldog.

“I want everyone to realize that I’m here because I can do the job. I’ll work twice as hard because I’m the boss’s daughter and I want people to know they can count on me to get any job done.”

Leave it to brother Mike to tell the story in the kind of direct, concise and brief terms that Molly would favor: “She’s a mini Charlie,” Mike says. “She wants to make him proud.”