Acrobat Crescent Desks with I~O Post

Social learning is all about gathering students to interact around other educational resources, including printed, online and three-dimensional. Smith System is introducing social learning furniture with imaginatively shaped work surfaces that allow social learning and accommodate computer connectivity.  A perfect case in point is a cluster of Acrobat™ Crescent Desks positioned around an I~O™ Post achieves this.

Another way of creating a social learning cluster is with a group of new Acrobat Trap Desks grouped around the I~O Post. Like the Crescent Desks, the Trap Desks provide a solid, stable platform, computer cable management and easy ingress/egress.

Acrobat Trap Desks

For discussion-based social learning, consider opposing two Boardroom™ Half Boat Tables. The trapezoid shape provides unobstructed sight lines for everyone at the table. Using a single Half Boat Table works great in a distance learning application.

See all of these tables at the NSSEA School Equipment Show. To find out more about standard laminate, edge and frame colors, call Smith System at 800-328-1061.