Smith System’s Plato, Intuit and Flavors Seating lines provide an array of flexibility and movement for students.

It’s natural for school kids to move, even while sitting still. Movement stimulates better breathing and better concentration. So it’s only natural for school furniture to allow some movement. But how much? And what kind?

Bill Risdall, Smith System’s Vice President of Marketing has the answer.

“We’ve pioneered an idea called the Graduated Movement Concept into our portfolio of seating products,” he says. “It allows educators to choose seating products based not just on the appearance of the chair, but on how much movement it allows.”

“At one end of the spectrum you have Intuit™ Seating. It was conceived to contain movement and direct attention straight ahead.  It’s designed like a bucket seat, providing great support for the back and shoulders, while comfortably orienting the student toward the front,” says Risdall.

If educators choose to allow more movement, Smith System has more choices. For an intermediate amount of movement, Bill recommends Plato™ Seating.

“The student can comfortably face front and both sides,” he says. “And its seatback provides flex and pronounced lumbar support encouraging good posture and breathing.”

Smith System offers an alternative with even more movement, Flavors™ Seating.

“It offers the widest range of movement,” Risdall notes. “Its seatback flexes somewhat front to back

and also torsionally, allowing students to shift and move without ‘fighting’ the chairs.  Students can comfortably face front, back and both sides.”

To go along with the choices of comfort and containment, Smith System seating offers a great array of colors – another important part of the learning environment.

All three lines of chairs are available in 17 colors.