The 21st Century has opened the door to new electronic learning tools and capabilities that have given way to growing trends in education across America. The emergence of ‘One-to-One’ programs, where schools issue a computer to each student, allow students to take home the same portable devices they use at school, extending the reach of academic lesson plans beyond the classroom. Yet, a problem arises when students return the next day with laptops and iPads that have no remaining battery charge to classrooms that lack sufficient access to power outlets.

“Older classrooms often have limited numbers of power outlets, prohibiting multiple students from recharging dead devices simultaneously,” says Molly Risdall Parnell, vice president of sales. “Bringing Smith System’s I~O Post™ into classrooms empowers students to power up their devices, ensuring that these valuable learning tools are ready to go when needed.”

The I~O Post pulls power and data away from the wall and increases the number of students that can charge dead devices and gain internet access at one time. Designed for multiple users, the I~O Post features eight power outlets and eight network/phone jacks that can be supplied from a source on the floor or the ceiling through a six-foot cable. The power and data ports encircle the post at seating height, which enables students to position desks, such as Acrobat Crescent Desks, around the power source for interaction and collaboration. A taller version of the I~O Post can be combined with the Acrobat Half Moon for stand-up or café seating configurations.

The I~O Post is ideal for connectivity outside of the classroom, too – from libraries and lounges, multimedia production areas, and even hallways. No matter where it lives, the I~O Post ensures that dead devices won’t get in the way of valuable learning time.

Stop by Smith System’s booth (#7-6094) at NeoCon 2012 to see the I~O Post, or call 800-328-1061 for more information.