Randy Kastalanych has expanded his responsibilities at Smith System, moving from factory manager to V.P. of operations. In his former role, Randy applied skills from his engineering background and his ability to work with people to first analyze then affect improvements in Smith System’s manufacturing processes.

In his new role, he sees continuity and the opportunity for great satisfaction. “I’m adding logistics to my manufacturing experience,” he says. “So, now my perspective is start-to-finish, from the order all the way to the customer’s hands.”

Randy expects to focus on making the communication channel a “closed link” to seamlessly join the logistics phase with the manufacturing process in order to better serve Smith System customers.

“I’m finding that every customer is unique and has unique needs. To satisfy them, every facet of manufacturing and logistics has to work in concert with the rest.” Randy takes great pride in pleasing customers, admitting, “I love the challenge. It’s really satisfying when we get it right.”