Pairing science with Smith System philosophy, the new Lift™ Desk puts its height in the hands of students and teachers.

More people are embracing stand-up alternatives to the standard office desk as studies show its health and well-being benefits, from increased circulation to decreased risk of disease. Smith System developed its Lift™ Desk to bring this movement to schools, offering students and teachers the flexibility to stand or sit throughout the day based on lesson plans.

The Lift Desk is ideal for both students and teachers because it is easily adjustable within a range of 15 inches, accommodating a variety of heights and classroom activities. When working collaboratively in groups on math problems and science experiments, or during one-on-one help from the instructor, students can use the smooth-operating crank to raise the work surface to a comfortable stand-up desk height. For projects better performed sitting, such as writing or art assignments, the crank can lower the surface to standard desk height. The easy-to-operate crank allows students of all sizes to adjust the surface to their comfort as they need throughout the day, and the crank’s handle folds out of the way when not in use.

“Promoting healthy learning environments is built into the Smith System philosophy. The Lift Desk combines this belief with the medical benefits of standing – such as better circulation, strengthened muscles and more calories burned – to promote well-being in the classroom,” said Bill Risdall, vice president of marketing for Smith System. “Also, students will be able to move more freely with this desk and burn off excess energy through movement, which promotes concentration.”

The Lift Desk can be paired with Smith System stools or chairs. The adjustable desk is ideal for collaborative classrooms, as students can cluster around the large work surface. It can be applied outside the classroom as well, in media centers and study lounges where students gather for group project work.

The Lift Desk comes with a rectangular- or oval-shaped work surface, the latter which meets ADA specifications for students with special needs or disabilities. The laminate top is offered in 10 colors, with 20 edge colors available to fit into the design scheme. Both casters and glides ship with the desk, and affect the overall height of the surface; the range of a desk with glides is 27.5-43.4 inches tall, and is 29-45 inches tall for casters.