As the first post in this new SmithFiles series, where I’ll be highlighting some of the ‘unsung heroes’ from our product line, I thought a good starting point would be to go with an internal favorite.

The Intuit chair is available with three different frame color options – platinum, champagne and black. Most customers choose the platinum frame, because it looks great, and matches pretty much everything. It’s the top seller for good reason.

But, the Black frame just looks awesome – it has a way of ‘showcasing’ the shell color. A black frame compliments a wide variety of our shell colors – charcoal, white, red, yellow and apple to name a few.

OK enough sales pitch on the Intuit chair…onto the reason for this post. The internal favorite. The DarthIntuit; a black poly shell with a black frame. This all black look is very appealing, extremely sleek and compliments the Intuit chair’s contemporary aesthetic. Second place, goes to charcoal, for a subtle gradation in color that is really cool – consider these two for computer labs or STEM classrooms.
Intuit Chair - Black out!Intuit_charframe-ps

Check back soon to dust off another hidden gem in Smith System’s vault of treasures or email me: with comments or suggestions.