Employee Spotlight–Meet Elizabeth Leonard

Welcome to Employee Spotlight. We are happy to focus on an employee that is making a positive impact on Smith System and all of her colleagues. You have probably met Elizabeth as she makes her rounds each morning taking temperatures and making sure we are being safe during COVID-19.

“Elizabeth was newly promoted from lead to production supervisor due to her integrity, work ethic and willingness to vocalize company policy in the face of a challenging workforce. She brings a great balance to the supervisor team due to her affinity for idealism. Elizabeth is very pleasant to work with and is also a proud mother of three boys. Elizabeth has recently accepted the difficult promotion of Infection Protocol Ambassador to help ensure that a high level of health and safety standards are maintained during these trying times. Simply accepting this position demonstrates a sturdiness in character not all possess. Myself and the rest of the management/supervision team look forward to working with and supporting Elizabeth in this new role.” –Doug Lewis, VP of Manufacturing

Read below to discover Elizabeth’s favorite thing about working at Smith System and also her favorite part of the day.

What is your title?
I have recently been promoted to production supervisor, but have now accepted the role of Infection Protocol Ambassador.
How long have you been at Smith System?
I started May 29, 2018. I started working at Smith System through a temp agency for three weeks and then was hired on full-time as a lead in the Cascade line and more recently was promoted to production supervisor.
What’s your favorite thing about working at Smith System?
My favorite thing is how gracious everyone is to me. I love the family environment and how friendly everyone is. I also love that accountability is very important to Smith System because that is also very important to me. Smith System allows for growth and opportunities. Growing and learning are my favorite part of my job.
I enjoy being off on the weekends, but also love working overtime so I am able to learn more about everyone, their jobs, and how to help & contribute to different people and their responsibilities. I love learning about everyone and their jobs so I can figure out how I can best help.
Now, let’s do some fun questions! What’s your go-to restaurant or meal?
I love Hutchins BBQ. I also love seafood–shrimp, fried fish, catfish and trout.
What is your ideal work day?
My ideal day is a productive day. Not rushing, but being 100% at work. I really look forward to seeing all of my co-workers everyday to see how they are all doing and how I can help them.
What’s a movie or show you love to watch over and over again?
I used to love watching the movie, Life, with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence over and over again. Now, I do not watch TV and movies very much, but that used to be my favorite.
What’s your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part of the day is early in the mornings at home. I have 3 boys, and this is when the house is quiet and when I can read, reflect and rest. I spend this time reflecting on the previous day and how I can do better the next day.