Space of the Week
Space of the Week: The standard lecture style of teaching is becoming a thing of the past. As are the seating and table options that typically make up a university lecture hall. To adapt to these changes, new furniture designs can help create new learning spaces.

Sit and stand desks in the university setting have proven to encourage student engagement and are a welcomed addition to any collaborative environment, while soft seating offers a more casual environment with various learning and study zones. By using furniture with sleek aesthetics and functional practicality, students are empowered to curate their favorite spots for learning that happens in every moment.

This Space of the Week features the Sit Stand Student Desk, Flowform™ Soft Seating, and Groove® chairs to create dynamic lecture halls.

Let’s Get Started
We’ve seen how the right tools can help spark inspiration and found that working together with dealers, designers and school systems results in what’s best for the school, teacher and student. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we are now offering our partners layout and rendering services. You asked, we answered!

We make it easy! Send either a 2D sketch showing product placement or a photo or description of the room. We can also make a suggestion based on the information you provide. We will then provide a floor plan and 3D renderings of the space.
Each week, we will be featuring an influential space that was created in the past week that inspires a creative and dynamic learning environment.

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