Space of the Week

Space of the Week: In today’s computer lab, students might be doing anything from programming robots to creating their own computer games, to learning to build websites. The computer lab furniture has to be up to the task.

This Space of Week features our Interchange® Crescent Table, Theorem® Adjustable Chair, & Silhouette® Sit + Stand.

Let’s Get Started
We’ve seen how the right tools can help spark inspiration and found that working together with dealers, designers and school systems results in what’s best for the school, teacher, and student. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that we are now offering our partners layout and rendering services. You asked, we answered!

We make it easy! Send either a 2D sketch showing product placement or a photo or description of the room. We can also make a suggestion based on the information you provide. We will then provide a floor plan and 3D renderings of the space.
Each week, we will be featuring an influential space that was created in the past week that inspires a creative and dynamic learning environment.


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