New Smith System Product Line – Flowform™


Flowform™ Large Bean Bench in Mediterranean

Innovative Design

Great design requires legendary minds. Our team includes Roger Carr and David Williams of Radar Design, London, the gurus behind our popular Theorem® seating and other Smith System products. They transform ideas borne from lively design charrettes with the Smith System and Steelcase design teams into products that students and teachers love.





Flowform™ Mobile Storage Straight Unit with Shelves

Form and Freedom

The opportunities to mix and match Flowform and Orbit are endless. Each piece is a creative building block to customize learning spaces, for one student or an entire classroom. The clean aesthetic also makes these pieces work with your existing Smith System furniture. The shapes of the soft seating and the 120 degree end panels on the storage allow endless possibilities to create the spaces that are needed–individual study zones, group study zones, large study zones, and space dividers.





Flowform™ Round Trapezoid Table

Hear from the Designers


“Students want the physical tools that allow them to take control. They want fun furniture options that help them fulfill their own pedagogy and functionality, while educators want durability, versatility and value. That’s where we began.” –Roger Carr, Radar GB, London

“We also deliberately designed for “slippage”. Soft radii and natural forms allow a relaxed nesting of pieces – pebble-shaped tables working with curved benches, backrests, and storage. The multifunctional pieces tame the untidiness associated with casual, lounge-style furniture, but keep spaces comfortable.” –David Williams, Radar GB, London



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Quality + Value

Schools districts want the best outcomes for their students. So do we. But we also understand budgets are tight. We’re always improving, to offer the highest quality at a price districts can afford. Count on a limited 12-year warranty, with a lifetime frame warranty, too.