The Faux Martha Donation Collaboration


We have partnered with The Faux Martha to giveaway 30 desk/chair learn at home sets with 20 being donated to the Family Partnership, a non-profit based in Minneapolis focused on reducing and preventing poverty. Because if online school is hard when you’re well-resourced, imagine how impossible it is without enough.

The Family Partnership has programs and initiatives squarely focused on reducing and preventing poverty, expanding opportunity for immigrant families and families of color, and healing the damaging effects of poverty and adverse experiences on children, youth, and families.

For over 140 years, The Family Partnership has been recognized as an innovative and highly impactful nonprofit in the Twin Cities area, and over one million children and families have benefited from our specialized services in order to realize their full potential – regardless of income or origin. Through counseling, education, and advocacy, we support children, families, and communities in need, and empower them to solve their own problems.

We believe that learning is not “one-size-fits-all” and that every student and teacher deserves the best possible space to inspire learning. Most school administrators know the role quality classroom furniture has on improving learning engagement. And now, during a global pandemic that has forced remote learning, it’s no surprise that replicating a similar desk-chair setup for students in their homes may bring similar results.

We noticed the lack of good learn-from-home desk setups that were affordable and wanted to come up with a way to offer solutions. So we created our “Learn from Home“ campaign which allows parents and students to purchase our ergonomic school desks and chairs at affordable prices directly on Amazon!