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Flavors® Noodle Chair

Student Seating Unchained

The Flavors® Noodle Chair not only allows movement, it encourages it by moving with the student – not resisting or restricting him or her. If the student shifts his or her weight to the left for example, the seatpan of the Flavors® Noodle Chair tilts slightly in that direction. If the student turns to talk to someone behind him or her, the seatback flexes. It also flexes somewhat when the student leans back or arches his or her back. Providing flexible support for the student in these ways is what makes the Flavors® Noodle Chair an exciting new idea in school seating.

What Makes the Flavors® Noodle Chair Unique?

Unlike any other student seating, the Flavors® Noodle Chair has a patented suspension below its seat pan that allows it to tilt slightly in all directions. This not only makes the chair more comfortable than other classroom chairs, it encourages the student to engage his or her core muscles while seated.

Don’t Have a Ball

The Flavors® Noodle Chair provides the benefits of sitting on a large ball with the added advantages of more stability and back support. The Flavors® Noodle Chair is a better choice as a classroom chair because it makes a more positive contribution to the learning environment. Compared to a large ball:

  • The Flavors® Noodle Chair takes up less space
  • The Flavors® Noodle Chair  won’t roll away
  • The Flavors® Noodle Chair doesn’t need constant inflation
  • The Flavors® Noodle Chair offers greater durability
  • The Flavors® Noodle Chair presents less risk for the student to fall

A Four-Position Classroom Chair

The Flavors® Noodle Chair is designed so the student can comfortably face the front, either side or behind. This is a must for student seating used in collaborative learning environments that have students working in groups.

Built Strong

School seating has to be tough. In addition to providing flexibility, the high-density polypropylene shell offers great durability in the Flavors® Noodle Chair. Its legs are strong, 18-gauge welded steel with a rugged chrome finish. Durable swivel-base glides with non-staining nylon bases and chrome-plated steel covers come standard. Or choose optional felt or stainless steel glides.

The design of the Flavors® Noodle Chair is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the Flavors Seating line. So, if a student with ADHD is assigned a Flavors® Noodle Chair, the chair won’t stand out from the other chairs and bring unwanted attention to the student’s learning disability.

For Student Health and Success

Seating that moves helps create a healthier, more effective learning environment. Seating that moves is only available with the Flavors® Noodle Chair, a unique idea in student seating.

Removing resistance and restriction from the seat helps the fidgety student to shift his or her efforts from fighting the chair to concentrating on the lesson.


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