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A student desk for every kind of classroom.

Optimizing a classroom environment begins with matching the student desk to the learning dynamics and space. To make your task simpler, Smith System offers choices of student desks that complement curricula and design schemes of all kinds. Pair them with Smith System seating to create a unified environment. While the styles, looks and functionalities may differ, all Smith System student desks offer varying degrees of adjustability, to provide ergonomics that help the student concentrate on the lesson at hand. And all Smith System student desks offer great durability.

Choosing a core component of the learning environment.

In the selection process, it’s better to have the curriculum dictate the type of student desk, rather than the other way around. If group work is a significant part of the curriculum, consider the shape of the desktop: certain shapes can limit the number of students in each group. Smith System desks are available in trapezoids, arcs, modified hexagons and pie wedges – for one or two students. This is crucial in a collaborative learning environment where clustering and group interaction are crucial. It’s also true in classrooms that engender group interaction.

Smith System offers several lines of student desks shaped to allow groups of six to eight students to form a compact circle – groupings that rectangular desks can’t accommodate in a standard classroom. Consider Arc, Huddle, Interchange Diamond, and Interchange 3-2-1 student desks. They offer the greatest flexibility: desks that allow group work also allow individual work. The reverse is not always true.

Great student desk choices for traditional classrooms.

Smith System has not abandoned the 90˚ angle when it comes to desktops. In fact, each of our lines includes an option that’s perfectly suited for knowledge transfer curricula and independent study environments. Our Silhouette Desk, for instance, adds a contemporary feel to a traditional classroom. Our Planner Desk offers maximum strength and durability. And our Elemental Student Desk offers great flexibility when it comes to colors and design.

For special needs students, consider the ADA Student Desk.

At Smith System, we create a wide variety of student desks, allowing multiple solutions for classrooms and curricula of every kind and budgets of every size. Of course, if the furniture outlasts the curriculum of the day, will it become outdated? The answer is, not necessarily. Designs with the most versatility can future-proof your furniture purchase.