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No one offers more or better choices.

It’s the one piece of furniture you could find in any room in the school from classroom to music room. You’ll even find it outside rooms in the hallway. But no matter where you see a table, you can be sure it will be in use—whether as an active part of learning, or to support anything from books to bins full of lost mittens.

Whatever the room, need, design scheme or budget, the table you’re looking for is here.

It seems the table is the school’s jack-of-all-trades. Which raises the question, how can a table possibly be expected to perform so many functions in so many places? Schools tell us one can’t—there simply isn’t a single table that’s right for every single place and purpose. For that reason, we offer more than 150 choices. Their shapes are both geometric and organic. Their sizes range greatly, too. There are choices of different legs. And you can choose specialized tables for specific uses in art rooms and science labs. To meet all of these needs, we now offer tables in well over 150 different styles – not including all the choices of finishes and colors. UXL® TABLES A fully integrated line of furniture, including seating, desks and tables offering a wide array of colors, finishes, leg sets and accessories, UXL® Tables are customizable to fit most any need within the school. FLEXLINE™ TABLES These tables offer stability and easy ingress/egress thanks to its unique cantilever leg sets. ACTIVITY TABLES The nine shapes – from basic rounds and rectangles to clovers and horseshoes – found in this classroom staple were all inspired by the actual needs of teachers and students in the classroom and beyond. INTERCHANGE® TABLES Featuring the distinctive Interchange® leg sets, free of braces that can potentially pinch fingers, Interchange® tables complement Interchange® Desks in the classroom. LIBRARY TABLES These key components of our turnkey library solutions are designed to both support heavy library materials while complementing the design of the shelving, seating and circulation furniture. GRAPHIC ARTS TABLES Whether it’s a CAD station for a drafting class, or a desktop publishing setup for a graphic design class, the student can work comfortably and productively at these tables. PLANNER® TABLES When you combine strength and stability in a table, the result is versatility. Planner Tables combine maximum strength and stability and can be applied to a host of applications, from the classroom to the computer lab. UXL® NEST & FOLD TABLES When it comes to utility, these tables never stop working. Obviously, they provide stable platforms while in use. What’s more, they move easily and take up scant space when stored. All of these choices assure that you’ll be able to find a Smith System® table that meets your needs and budget while complementing the design scheme of your school.