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Learning Commons: How Technology is Changing 21st Century Library Design

The rise of digital technology and innovative new approaches to education have given rise to a new sort of library: the learning commons. Read More

What Do Students Want in a 21st Century School Library?

Here’s a sure fire way to put students to sleep. Have them take turns reading dictionary definitions for “library.” Case in point, Merriam-Webster says “a place where books, magazines, and other materials (such as videos and musical recordings) are available for people to use or borrow.” While respectable, it’s not exactly the stuff that gets today’s techno and social savvy K-12 students revved to learn. Read More

Mini Book Truck Business Card Holders

Wondering where to get one of those library mini book cart business card holders? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been giving these out at trade shows for the past couple of years. We’ve had some recent emails asking us about our cute little booktruck card holders. Current Contest Snap a picture of Read More

Should Schools Offer Tinkering 101?

Peg Sullivan explores the idea of classrooms designed for “tinkering.” Read More

Q&A on Specifying Library Furniture

When specifying library furniture, what should be determined first? Read More

Q&A on “21st Century Libraries”

How are the furniture needs of 21st Century K-12 classrooms and libraries similar? Read More